Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Implementing enterprise storage solutions that are right for your environment and for your data demands require significant architectural foresight and an on-going commitment to maintaining an optimised infrastructure.

CES is vendor agnostic and we provide cutting edge solutions using single or multi-vendor strategies, according to the needs of your business.

We provide you with a roadmap to guide the evolution of your data management solution. CES Solutions technical team supports you at the pre-sales stage, stay working with you in a technical design authority role, and then support our service delivery team throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

We don’t just provide you with a storage solution. We deliver expertise in how to approach and design enterprise storage solutions and build this effectively using all the best practices from the vendors.

Storage Consultancy

There are many companies who have their storage solution already designed and planned for implementation. However, they have the question of whether the planned storage solutions can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage by reducing time, cost and resources. A wise choice would be to consider the storage consultancy services provided by our experts at CES. We offer storage consultancy services which provide you with the expertise you need in order to design and implement solutions from our experienced storage professionals. Our consultants are very proficient and will consider the alignment of storage costs with data value and the development of appropriate metrics. This will help to design, implement, migrate and manage your current storage environment. Our storage consultancy services include:

Storage Health-Check and Assessment

As part of our storage consultancy service, we also offer a health-check service for Storage products. The health-check will assist customers to identify the areas which help to reduce cost and management hassles, achieving the performance deliverables of their infrastructure. Our storage consultants will also help you to effectively identify the flaws in your existing setup and the configuration that needs to be reviewed. Appropriate recommendations are then proposed to the customer to perform any changes which will drastically improve the storage performance and reliability. Our consultants can visit you onsite to audit the hardware and review the configurations. After this, we will then generate analysis reports to be presented to the customer. Consultants will setup a meeting with the customer to discuss the analysis made in the report and highlight the recommendations for any possible upgrades which would enhance the current infrastructure.

Storage Design

A perfect storage design is desired by every company. Having a good design in place solves almost 50% of problems that may arise with wasted storage space. In order to alleviate the problem of underutilization of storage space which increases the pressure on the storage management, Creon Enterprise Solutions offers a storage design service to provide the customer with an easy to achieve architectural design layout. We offer design layout which incorporates the EMC recommended best practices and design guidance.

Storage Migration

Migrating the storage from one array to another is most challenging, especially if it has to be online or it has to be done with minimal downtime. Most of the infrastructure operate their storage environment with critical applications running and with many users accessing them majority of the time. The process of selecting a data migration solution, interpreting the factors which might affect the choice of migrations and the actual data migration itself are the three phases of migration. Creon Enterprise Solutions storage migration service provides customers with an excellent professional service to efficiently migrate the data between a wide range of Storage Arrays with minimal service disruption. Not only can storage arrays be migrated by us, but we also offer the migration of SAN switches with minimal service disruption.