For years, information technology organisations have contended with increasingly costly, inflexible and unsystematic infrastructure. You may have already centralised your IT infrastructure into fewer locations for visibility. And, you have likely adopted – or explored – virtualisation and other infrastructure technologies and methodologies to accelerate response to business demands. Now you are defied to provide business units with a lower-cost infrastructure that delivers higher levels of service. Virtualisation and software-defined approaches offer many benefits in meeting those demands:

-Consolidation of hardware and workload

-Greater performance

-Lower cost structure

-Higher availability

-Greater security

-Easier management

Custom-tailored virtualisation solutions that deliver on the promise

If you are ready to implement server virtualisation services and strategies, you can expect to simplify your IT infrastructure while delivering greater efficiency. If you have already embraced virtualisation, chances are you are looking to extract even more value out of your environment. Either way, with Creon Enterprise Solutions as your virtualisation consultant and partner, you can fully realise the potential of your virtualisation investment.

As a Vmware, Citirx and Microsoft partner, Creon Enterprise Solutions has the expertise and resources to supply a full set of cost-efficient, cutting edge virtualisation solutions to address your exact objectives and environment. Our seasoned virtualisation specialists will work with you to assess, plan, design, build and optimise a virtual infrastructure environment that serves your requirements today and anticipates future needs.

Creon Enterprise Solutions virtualisation experts leverage in-depth knowledge, best practices and proven methodology to your virtualization initiative. They are gifted in assessing your IT infrastructure and planning for long-term growth. Our specialists collect comprehensive resource utilisation data in heterogeneous IT environments and compare it to industry-standard reference data to underpin analysis and decision-support modelling. The advantages? Reduced annual server operating costs and ease of management.

Desktop, storage and server virtualisation – and beyond

In addition to reshuffling computing servers and storage data centres, virtualisation has stretched its benefits to networks and desktops. Not only does it streamline the endless waves of application upgrades, operating system patches and security updates, it is transforming end-user computing. With years of virtualisation know-how and many successful implementations, you can be confident that Creon Enterprise Solutions can improve the management and control of your desktop environment with an eye to the future.

In fact, we see the focus evolving even beyond today’s virtualisation solutions: server virtualisation, storage virtualisation, network and desktop virtualisation. Because we stay on the forefront of the industry, we are also well-informed and equipped to assist you with the full range of software-defined computing, networking, storage and software-defined data centre solutions.

One of the growing challenges of virtualisation is the ability to optimally manage the virtual environment. With virtual machines moving around automatically from one server to the next, identifying the actual location of workload at any point in time is like a game of cat and mouse. That makes timely management essential to optimising a virtual workload. Rely on Creon Enterprise Solutions to incorporate effective management into your virtualised environment.

Reap the rewards through proven virtualisation consulting and services

Let Creon Enterprise Solutions help you overcome the challenges – and fully capitalise on the opportunities – afforded by cutting edge enterprise desktop virtualisation products.

Contact us today to see how best-of-class technology can lower your virtual machine density and your total cost of ownership. Learn more about Creon Enterprise Solutions Virtualisation Services by contacting us today you.